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USA Tour Dates Dec 07 / Jan 08

Tues Jan 8th 2008

'Chakra Vitality' presented by Anita Ryan-Revel

Best-selling author of The Goddess Guide to Chakra Vitality and creatrix of, Anita's mission is to help you connect with your inner goddess – your beautiful, inspired, intuitive, lovable, sacred and sassy self.

Take a journey through the chakras with Anita to tune into your natural intuition, balance your chakras, and enjoy connecting with goddess archetypes and their messages for you.

East West Bookstore
324 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 988-9800

7:30-9pm (1 ½ hr presentation, booksigning to follow)
$10 per person

What to expect in a Goddess Playshop

The American flags were flying at half-mast when Anita Ryan-Revel drove into Taos, New Mexico to conduct her first Goddess Playshop in the United States.

“It was 2005 and the Pope had just died,” says the Australian author to explain the flags. “At first I was surprised at the overwhelming display of Catholic devotion, but I soon realised that religion, race or culture don’t matter when it comes to a woman connecting with her true essence – dozens of women still signed up to connect with goddess energy.”

That point is certainly evident when Anita describes the type of women who attended her unique Playshops.

“I’ve had solitary witches, Mormon expatriates, single mothers, corporate heavyweights, a moonlighting mechanic and even a Catholic nun in my Playshops,” she laughs. “It’s not uncommon to find such an eclectic mix coming along. Women are working to make sense of their world by becoming more self-empowered from within, no matter where they come from or what they do for a living.”

Anita developed the Goddess Playshop concept in 2003 as a practical extension of her website, Conducting the Playshops locally in her home state of Western Australia, they grew so popular she took them on tour through six states in America in 2005, eight states in 2007, and, at six months pregnant, she's planning another tour to celebrate the new year in 2008!

“I'm recruiting new facilitators to keep up with the demand,” she says, “ but there's always someone somewhere wanting to promote spiritual sustenance amongst their circle of friends or workplace.”

What makes the Goddess Playshops so popular?

“They’re fun!” she grins. “Self-empowerment doesn’t have to come through self-help books and dreary seminars. I use lots of easy and fun methods to help women connect with the ultimate source of power – their inner goddess.”

Pamela Pierson from Reno, Nevada is an insurance administrator who attended a Goddess Playshop, even though she had “never felt a connection with the whole goddess thing.”

But that all changed once the space was cleansed, candles were lit and the evening pronounced ‘on’.

“The day of the workshop was one of the worst days I'd had in weeks. The last thing I felt like doing was going to the workshop. But I am SO glad I went – I was energised for days afterward.”

And they’re something every woman should consider doing, according to Anita. Below are some ideas to get you started in developing your own goddess party at home. For more ideas or to become a facilitator, go to .


The most beneficial exercise according to Ms Pierson, was the Inner Goddess Tour, a meditation set to music.

“Anita talked us through it while hypnotic tones played in the background. During that time, we were asked at different points to communicate with specific Goddesses,” she said. “For the first time in my life, I actually felt that I communicated with them. It was phenomenal.”

Participants often put forward their ideas about their favourite meditation and soul music, but there is no one “right way” to do things.

“Whatever feels good and can transport you to another timeless, spaceless place, use it,” says Anita.


The search for the inner goddess isn’t an egocentric thing like wanting to be worshipped, nor does it require converting to a pagan faith.

“It’s more a way to understand your own femininity, strength and wisdom and to give yourself permission to assert these gifts to empower your life,” says Anita. “It also helps to hear supportive words from others too to affirm you’re on the right track. That’s why I developed the Goddess Whispers game.”

This philosophy of hearing truth (via the “goddess whispers”) rang true with Karen Martinez of San Francisco, a University student and ex-Mormon.

“My family is very upset that I have left the Mormon faith to explore who I really am,” she says. “But I have never been happier, and the work (ha ha) we did in this Playshop confirmed that I have made the right decision. I cried and cried during the Goddess Whispers activity – it was the first time I felt truly loved.”


If you think crying goes against the grain of a fun Playshop, think again.

“Tears are a good thing,” insists Anita. “I open the Playshops by letting people know that laughter is allowed, but if there is crying they will have the space to shed the tears. We can’t access our inner power if there are emotional issues blocking our way, and crying is one way to clear the obstacle.”

Sister Jean Erhardt of Colorado Springs agrees.

“We massaged each other’s hands using organic massage oil and pure essential oils designed to energise the chakras,” she says, describing one of the Pamper the Princess activities. “It was fascinating how taking the time out to be pampered, in a space where it’s safe to talk can affect the psyche so deeply. On top of that, there were all these beautiful smells in the air that created a really relaxing atmosphere. I loved it – much energy was moved!”

The open-minded Sister Erhardt wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the pampering and shifting of energy.

“Who’d have thought that having your toenails painted could be so powerful?” says Ruthay Coney of Denver, Colorado. “But it was almost tribal – I felt really connected to my sisters who were making me feel like an absolute princess! I wanted to cry with happiness!”


“A major element of being ‘woman’ is the art of listening to our intuition,” says Anita. “Too often we make decisions then churn them over and over wondering if it was the right one. This effectively shuts down intuition and puts us in doubt of our own wisdom.”

Jayce Knight*, a recovering alcoholic from Mariposa, California, was surprised at how such a simple concept could change her entire outlook.

“It was very uplifting to realise I’m actually allowed to make a decision and tell the voices of judgement and criticism to get lost. This exercise will be a real source of strength for what’s to come in my life,” she says.

This activity was particularly profound in a geodesic dome overlooking the Sierra Mountains. “The acoustics and energy created in the space was truly magical,” smiles Anita.

“I especially loved that I could whisper the message from my Chakra Oracle card and it resonated through the dome so that everyone could hear it – not as my voice but as though it were from a divine being,” says Jayce.

Anita giggles at this comment. “Of course it came from a divine being – her! Every woman is goddess – it’s just that when we get bogged down in the daily mondo of life it’s easy to lose the connection with our feminine divine.”


It seems if you want to reconnect with this divine feminine, these Goddess Playshops are the perfect vehicle.

“The basic Goddess Playshop is definitely an empowering experience,” says Anita, “but sometimes I get asked to tailor a Playshop to suit specific situations. For example, a boss might be feeling that her staff is lacking motivation so gets me in to get them feeling good about themselves and each other again. Or someone might ask for an evening of inspiration as a hen’s night. It doesn’t matter what the format is, I’ve never had a participant who isn’t moved and inspired in some way.”

No matter what the situation, Anita is helping women of all walks get in touch with their inner goddess and back in control of their lives.

“In an activity called The Loving Embrace, I describe the Egyptian goddess Nuit as a bridge between heaven and earth,” explains Anita. “I ask participants to visualise reaching for the stars and falling into her loving embrace. It is essentially a trust exercise designed to help them trust in themselves and others again.

“It never fails,” she smiles. “They always come out of the Playshops walking on air and in love with themselves again. To see the transformation during a Playshop makes this the best job in the world!”


* Name changed per request

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Virtual Book Tour

All aboard! Welcome to Anita Ryan-Revel's Virtual Book Tour celebrating the release of Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras, and you have a free ticket to ride! We're embarking on a Magical Journey Through the Chakras and dozens of brilliant blogs and websites along the way...

A Virtual Book Tour is just like a real book tour, but without the bricks and mortar. Instead I'll be popping in to visit some pretty spectacular blogs and websites around the world to discuss a wide range of topics -- education, Spirit, children's spirituality, divination techniques, crystals, education, (the list goes on), and some games and quizzes to play along the way too.

The co-creators of this Book Tour are as diverse and gifted as the communities we live in. Enjoy your visits and what each and every one of these precious goddess sisters (and brothers!) has to offer.

Meet the Co-Creators

June 1: three2seven is a website for women who love humour, style, gossip and everything fabulous. Imagine Sex And The City in a blog format with loads of entertainment extras and cool guest stars. It's written for women by women in hopes of providing a place for women to come together and bond through laughter and relating about the day to day realities of life.

June 4: The Inner Goddess group newsletter goes out.

June 5: Be The Change Tread The Path is inspired by Damian Carr's own journey through life, his family, children and his own quest for personal, emotional and spiritual development. His children are reviewing Selena's Crystal Balls, A Magical Journey Through the Chakras as part of the Tour, and he is offering a free tarot reading to one lucky visitor.

June 6: The Feminine Path is is another name for everyday life. It's a woman's path to wholeness, personal power, wisdom and joy. There are as many branches to this path as there are different women. We're all individuals, but we all have the right to reclaim our female birthright to creativity, intuition, self-respect, personal power and soulful connections.

June 7: Mags Moon produces "wearable art", a series of unique pendants and earrings, hand-crafted in Sydney, Australia. The designs are enclosed in a sterling silver case, sealed with a crystal disc and strung with semi-precious stones. The designer, Maryanne McDonald, has a small chakra pendant to give away to one lucky goddess during my Virtual Book Tour... Simply find which page at Mags Moon features my visit and email your answer (put the name of the page in the subject line) to

June 8: Chakradance is a healing dance practice was created by Natalie Southgate in 1998. It is a journey into Self where the focus is on personal experience rather than performance. Drawing on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, spontaneous dance is used to balance the chakras - the energy centres which in Eastern tradition are the gateways to integrating mind, body, spirit. Win a copy of the Chakradance CD during Anita's virtual book tour.

June 11: Inner Goddess group newsletter goes out.

June 12: Mary Marzo (GoddessHealing) is the creatress of the acclaimed Goddess Healing CDs that have reached best seller lists and touched many lives worldwide. Her latest CD, Goddess Blessings (Daily Meditations and Goddess Mantra Chants), includes a Chakra & Golden Light Meditation and the Goddess Mantra Chants have been popular with both adults and children. Mary is offering a free Goddess t-shirt with every CD order PLUS every 13th order will win a Goddess Blessings CD.

June 13: Cath Wood is a Margaret River dynamo who is putting the Law of Attraction into action in order to build a custom-build circus training facility in the region. Drop in and see if you can help out :-)

June 14: The beautiful artwork of Soraya Bradley is characterised by stunning colour, beautifully feminine women, and a subtle narrative. One has a sense of walking into a long forgotten dream. Tell Soraya the "Goddess" sent you and she'll include a goody in with your purchase.

June is the “hub” for women and organisations looking for online opportunities to achieve your goals, accomplish your mission and increase your reach worldwide. Representing the professional interests of millions of women around the globe, the WECAI Network™ is working daily to open the doors to networking, business development and leadership opportunities.

June 18: The Inner Goddess group newsletter goes out.

June 19: SureWoman is dedicated to raising the spirit of all women. Too often, we forget to nurture and celebrate our selves, our passions and our accomplishments. At Sure Woman, you can absorb experiences that strike a responsive chord within you or discover something that is part of another woman's journey, in search of her own place and spirit.

June 20: The Modern Goddess is a small business owner, wife, friend, lover, nurturer, social butterfly, life long learner, traveller, daughter, aunty, sister, facilitator, want-to-be writer, want-to-be artist, a mum of 2 furry cats... I continue to work at having balance in my life and inspire to do more in this world... really, I'm just like you! Nicole is offering a 10% discount off products in her store.

June 21: IndigoKidz helps to develop calm, confident children who are able to relax their minds and bodies and who have a sense of inner security through meditation, relaxation and nurturing their innate spirituality.

June 22: Cool Moms Rule! (Perfect moms need not apply!) ;-) Vivienne is giving away goodies such as: Sue Dreamer "Dreams" Giftpak, "We Can All Fly as High as the Dreams We Dare to Live"; 8 1/2 x 11 Erase Board with Pen and matching "We Can All Fly as High as the Dreams We Dare to Live" picture frame; 6 "My Weekly' Self-Stick Notes, Monday through Saturday; 4 Sue Dreamer File Folders... and that's just as a first prize! Second & Third Prizes are a Sue Dreamer Memo Giftpak (Sue Dreamer 80-sheet List Pad and 60-sheet Sticky Notepad in each one)

June 26: Whether it is a friend needing a listening ear or a community needing a "Town Clown" at short notice, a client needing some spiritual direction or a teenager needing to know that they are OK, a partner wanting to understand their other half or a lost soul needing some healing, Leanne Synan is there for one and all with amazing unconditional love.

June 27: Addiction Alchemy is a self-help navigational system for addiction recovery that can help you transform your addictions and take back your freedom by holistically healing your energetic body and restoring your relationship to yourself and to the world.

June 28: is a simple online and off-line solution to enable you to find new ways of treating yourself. Whether pampering or treating chronic and acute issues, 1300therapy enables you to research local professionals able to meet your needs.

June 29: Universal Life Tools is a gift from spirit to humanity, to awaken you in remembering how to live every moment in passionate abundance, achieving prosperity on every level in relationships, vocation,health, wealth, mind & spiritual connection. Visit ULT for your chance to win an Essence of Angels prize pack valued at over $500. It is absolutely free to enter, all you have to do is join us here next Friday for the Virtual Book Tour, and then email THE SECRET WORD to ULT. Watch out for THE SECRET WORD within ULT's interview transcript. The competition is open to all readers (within Australia and Internationally), and the Winner will be notified via email the following Monday 2nd July. Good luck !

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USA Tour Dates 2007

Tuesday March 13: Memphis, TN
The Sanctuary for Mind, Body and Spirit
6266 Stage Plaze, Bartlett TN 38134
Register 901-377-6488
6.30 meet, 7pm workshop, 9pm book signings.
Workshop $35 presale / $40 at the door

Friday March 16, Indianapolis IN
Book Signing 1-3pm
New Age People
1484 W 86th St Indianapolis, IN 46260

Sat-Sun March 17-18, Chicago IL
Body Mind Spirit Expo (Saturday 10am-7pm Sunday 11am-6pm)
Midwest Conference Center is 401 West Lake St,
Northlake IL 60164. View the guide at BMSE

* Seminar: Saturday 3pm - "Be A Modern Goddess"
* Workshop: Sunday 4-6pm - "Reconnect With Your Inner Goddess"

Monday March 19: Chicago IL
One-hour book reading with book signing afterwards
Transitions Bookplace
Address: 1000 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
Phone: 312.951.READ(7323)

Saturday March 24: Pittsford NY
Book signing 11am - 1pm
Bella Bleu
32 1/2 South Main St, Pittsford, NY 14534
Tel: 585-813-8024

Saturday March 24: Rochester NY
The Goddess Hour Dance & Fitness Studio
1470 Monroe Ave., Rochester, NY
Register 585-224-0277
6pm meet & greet soirée
6:30-8:30 workshop
8:30-9pm book signing
Workshop $35 presale / $40 at the door

Sat March 31: Sacramento CA
Book signing 12-4pm
East West Bookstore, White Rose Light Center
2216 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95825
Tel: 916-920-3837